5 Inexpensive Ways to Love Your Spouse

It is almost that time again! You know, the LOOOOVEEE month of February. It can be difficult, especially being married almost six years {whoa} and raising two rowdy boys to find romantic time together. Below I have complied a list of ways to say “I Love You” when you are on a limited budget and have limited time.

  1. One Hour: Spend one hour at night together after you have tucked the little rascals in bed for the night. For Ken and I this is our time to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows, discuss the things from the day, plan the next day’s agenda or simply talk about something on our mind.

  2. Drive By Love Notes: I LOVE doing this! I think it is so fun to get creative in finding places to stow away a quick note of gratitude to my husband for all he does for me. He likes to send notes in return too. It adds a little fun to an otherwise boring day.

  3. Date Night: Although this one is obvious {or at least I hope it is}, I know couples (like us) who rarely do it. For whatever reason we feel like a night alone is selfish or unnecessary. It is VITAL to a relationship to have this time away to enjoy your marriage, just like you did in your dating days! (Which I hope haven’t stop by the way….never stop dating your spouse!)

  4. Romantic Love Potion #9: If you are anything like me, standing all day on my feet puts wear on my body. Having people needing me constantly throughout the day is draining! Giving or receiving a foot massage using this recipe makes all the difference in your level of relaxation…hello potion # Romantic Love Potion #9: 2 tsp carrier oil (meaning Jojoba, Avocado, Olive), 4 drops Ylang Ylang, 2 Clary Sage, 1 Bergamot, 1 Sandalwood. After that why not take a relaxing bath? Romantic Bath: 2 tsp. carrier oil, 3 drops Ylang Ylang, 4 Grapefruit

  5. Exercise Your Bragging Rights! What? Won’t people think I’m being proud? {GASP} Yea, probably but so what? We will tell others about a sale at XYZ store and what so and so did at work but we clam up when it comes time to talk about our soul mate. Why is that? There is nothing more attractive {to me} than a man who can notice the effort being put into maintaining our home and completing tasks during our daily life…there are few things I treasure more than a sincere, appreciative compliment from my husband!

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