Brokenness Makes You Stronger

As many of you, I too have suffered through hard times. While I am going through it, I often find myself being focused on the present times and the woes of my situation. Isn’t that funny? On other days when things are going great and all the positive things seem to be going my way, I am looking to the future. Why do we do that? With two small boys I cannot afford to lose one second of precious time with them. I want to remember and capture every smile, giggle and boo boo to kiss! I have learned time after time that being broken only makes me stronger. Just like a tree that has been pruned or cut, it comes back STRONGER, better, healthier and more beautiful. I pray that I can dance through the rain, praise God during the storms and live in the moment…good or bad.

©2020 by Becky Williams-Full On Purpose