Keto+Hair Loss

Ever heard of anyone who lost some hair on keto? They aren't crazy, it can be a real thing but don't worry....I can help!

There are a few reasons why someone starting a ketogenic lifestyle could be losing their hair. One is stress. If you are under loads of stress, doing rigorous workouts and forcing yourself to intermittent fast, your body could be freaking out! All of these things are stressors on your body but combined it can be a truly unhealthy combination.

There are multiple other reasons why this may happen. Let's look at a few and what we can do about it.

1. Switch to Low Carb (usually within the first 3 months)

Solutions: Be Patient, Support your diet with biotin or collagen to make your hair stronger, consume bone broth

2. Health Imbalance (until you find balance)

Solutions: Talk to your doctor and get blood work done, take a look at your carb intake, maybe you are too low carb (or for too long)

3. Physiological Stress (until you seek a solution)

Solutions: de-stress by using essential oils (this is the brand I use, using adaptagenic herbs, meditation, prayer, deep breathing or yoga.

4. Nutrient Deficiencies (until you find a balance)

Solutions: follow a guided meal plan so you aren't missing out on keto nutrients, ask your doctor to do a nutrition panel, take adaptagenic herbs (this is what I use!), eat enough fat during the day to feel nourished, stop intermittent fasting for a short time and make sure you are eating enough protein.

5. Strenuous Exercise (either working out too hard or too much) (until you do something about it)

Solutions: Reduce the intensity or frequency of your work outs. Make sure you are not calorie restricting and doing a very intense workout. Also if you nutrients and other micronutrient values are suffering, strenuous exercise will cause extra strain on the body. (Try walking or yoga a few times a week in between your intense workouts.)

6. Calorie Restriction (until you add in more calorie)

Solutions: eat until you are satisfied but not stuffed (about 70% full), don't force yourself to intermittent fast, remember that when you don't eat enough calories your body will actually hold on to weight.

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